Welcome to my new website, on which I’ll be posting all the latest information about my research and writings. This site is still under construction, and may be under construction for quite some time…

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3 Responses to Greetings!

  1. Nigel says:

    Hi Louis
    Looking forward to reading some more.

  2. Pete McAlpine says:

    I was surprised the author failed to touch on the allegorical interpretation of Gurdjieff’s “teachings” regarding the moon.

    Clearly, to my way of thinking, literal interpretation fo Gurdjieff’s bizarre ideas lead to NONSENSE!

    Gurdjieff clearly intended his stories to be treated as psychological allegories though almost none of his “followers” appear to have understood this. Pretty clear that the “moon” is a symbol of the ego, or in Jungian terms, the persona. Annulios, the smaller invisible moon, is an anti-ego, or in Jungian terms, the shadow.

    Gurdjieff’s allegories may be far more psychologically helpful than Jung, but still, Jung indicates the interpretive approach to take. Everything Gurdjieff wrote was actually about human mental and physical dynamics.

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