New Dawn and the loss of Philip Coppens

I was recently asked to serve as guest editor for the upcoming Special Issue of New Dawn magazine, which on this occasion focuses on ancient civilisations and is due to be released around February/March. Being guest editor wasn’t easy; it involved carefully editing around ten articles within a reasonably short period of time. (Things move fast in the world of magazine publishing.) Still, I learnt a lot from the process, and it gave me the chance to read some fascinating articles by some very gifted writers and researchers like Robert Black and Freddy Silva.

The issue was supposed to include an interview — conducted by myself — with ancient mysteries author Philip Coppens. Sadly, however, the interview never happened because Coppens was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and ended up in hospital, where he soon passed away. (He’d been ill for quite some time, apparently, though his illness had remained undiagnosed.) So far, I have only read one of Coppens’ books (his excellent The Lost Civilization Enigma), and I never did get the chance to meet or communicate with him. He was an extremely gifted author and researcher and, according to those who knew him, a wonderful bloke as well. I wish Coppens all the best in his journey beyond this world.

A fundraiser has been created to cover the cost of Coppens’ medical bills and funeral:

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