Streetlamp Interference: A Modern-day Paranormal Mystery

My article “Streetlamp Interference: A Modern-day Paranormal Mystery” has recently been posted on the Mysterious Universe website. It appears in New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 7 No. 2, which can be purchased here. I included my email address at the bottom of the article to encourage readers to contact me regarding their SLI experiences. So far I’ve received heaps of responses – so many, in fact, that I haven’t been able to respond to everyone personally. It’s impossible to deny that SLI is common, though exactly how common is difficult to say. I wonder how many people experience SLI yet refuse to talk about it for fear of being perceived as weird ? Your next door neighbour could be a SLIder, even your mother! I was fascinated to learn recently that a good friend of mine has had a number of SLI experiences. Anyway, here’s the article.  

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3 Responses to Streetlamp Interference: A Modern-day Paranormal Mystery

  1. Diane says:

    I gottah check this out. I love paranormal mystery. I read it a lot, too, like Forever Girl by Rebekka Hamilton and that other elemental series. I think there’s a little paranormal mystery in the world around us. It’s not all fiction.

  2. Margit says:

    Sleep paralysis is frghtenng, but, can be stopped innedately f you yell/state ” NO i do NOT give permssion, leave NOW in the name of God”. Whatever or whoever is causing the energeic interferance, it stops immediately every time, you must force yourself to be in control of your body and try to wake up

    Sometimes it is just the paraysis, other times it is a big black cloud of energy that tries to infiltrate your aura, energy field, and is paralysing you at the same time, either instance do as above. Tell them to go to hell.

  3. Margit says:

    Regarding street light going off. My friend had ths exerence frequently whenever he woud drive home, each lght would turn off as he drove past, on his arrival home he would receive a phone call from my husband who was overseas, i would have interferance on my tv prior to his ringing me, it woud have swirls of purple and black colours, moving and then remaining on the screen until i received his call a few

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