Phillip ‘Pip’ Proud (1947–2010)

Yesterday (Friday the 13th!) I received in the mail a box from my publisher containing ten shiny copies of my new book, The Secret Influence of the Moon. Years of work went into the book, so it was satisfying to finally hold a copy of it in my hands. I had meant to dedicate the book to my father, Phillip Proud, a man who inspired me a lot and taught me to pursue my passions in life, but, due to space and time constraints, no such dedication was included. My father, a musician, recorded many songs during the late-60s, and again during the 90s. His music never appealed to a large audience, but rather attracted something of a cult following. So, anyway, the book is dedicated to my father — not in print, but in spirit. Below are a couple of my father’s early tracks.

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1 Response to Phillip ‘Pip’ Proud (1947–2010)

  1. NeLE says:

    Lousie. I knew Phillip in Tenterfield, an inspiration too us all. He wrote poems and Lionie, created liono cuts. i miss them both.Good luck with the book The Secret Influence of the Moon.Post a copy.

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