(Less Than Flattering) Review on Facing North

I was pleased to notice a review of The Secret Influence of the Moon on the website Facing North, even though it’s hardly the most positive review ever written of one of my books. Those who wish to read the review can find it here.

I wrote the following in response to a couple of issues I had with the review:

“You state in your review: ‘Proud does include a bibliography despite the glaring lack of scientific citations and also an index.’ Because of the confusing way this sentence is worded, it looks as though you’re saying that the book lacks an index, when in fact it does have an index.

“Also, I wish to emphasize that while not all of the scientific facts presented in the book are referenced, I took great pains to ensure that every single quote in the book is accompanied by a reference. Is the lack of citations for scientific facts really that big an issue? It’s supposed to be an enjoyable read on the mysteries of the Moon—not a textbook!”

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