Meeting Graham Hancock at Magicians of the Gods

A number of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Graham Hancock’s talk at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, which was held as part of his “Magicians of the Gods” tour. The all-day event was as exciting and informative as I predicted it would be. Being the perfect gentleman that he is, Graham refused to retire for the day until spending a moment with everyone who wished to meet him. By the time it was my turn, poor Graham looked about ready to collapse from exhaustion. (I felt a little guilty for taking up more of his time, yet I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet him.)

Here’s a picture of Graham and myself. I’m the bloke on the left with the super-short hair and wonky glasses; Graham’s the bloke on the right…


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2 Responses to Meeting Graham Hancock at Magicians of the Gods

  1. Cool on meeting Graham Hancock. I’ve enjoyed his work since the early 1990’s when I first came across “The Sign and the Seal” and have loosely followed his work over the years. More recently I’ve been looking at some of his “War on Consciousness” (and related) talks on YouTube. Now that brings me to why I’m really posting a comment here… I recently read your “Dark Intrusions” and I must commend you for such an excellent work. You bring together so many ideas in one place that quite a few other researchers tend to ignore or not make the connections with. My only criticism of the book may be the numerous typos I noticed throughout but that can be overlooked due to the quality of your presentation. I can personally relate to about 90% of what you cover in that book but on slightly different levels. Even though I was previously aware of SP I had never realized that I myself had had experiences directly related to SP until I read your book because my own experiences have never been to the degree of full-on paralysis, i.e. I’ve never felt that I didn’t have control over what was happening. I’ve experimented magically with the hypnagogic and hypnopompic states for years with some really strange results that tend to make slightly more sense when weighed against the information in your book. Thanks for bringing so many ideas about these experiences together in one place and for reminding me of the excellent books of Stan Gooch and Joe Fisher and pointing me to several others I had either not heard of or had never made the effort to look into. Fun book and great job all around. On the strength of “Dark Intrusions” I also quickly acquired and have been reading (off and on) your “Secret Influence of the Moon”. I haven’t gotten very far into yet because I’m always reading 15 books at the same time but so far I like it. Will be looking forward to your next one as well.

    • Thank you for your comment. Great to hear you’re a fan of Dark Intrusions and have started reading The Secret Influence of the Moon.

      I agree that the numerous typos in Dark Intrusions are something of a problem! You can blame my publisher (Anomalist Books) for that. Unfortunately, the book wasn’t professionally edited—I did 99% of the editing myself.

      All the best with your research and investigations into the paranormal and related matters.

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