Dustin Stanton’s Lunar Calendars


A couple of weeks ago I received in the mail two stunning lunar calendars. The calendars are the work of Dustin Stanton, who lives in Broomfield, Colorado, and has been designing them for five years now. “They differ from other moon calendars because I make the viewer participate in an observation/creative myth experiment,” he told me in an email. If you’d like to contact Dustin in regard to his lunar calendars, his email is <futureleadersofdesign(at)gmail(dot)com>.

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4 Responses to Dustin Stanton’s Lunar Calendars

  1. Mihalis Kukulas says:

    I read your book “Secret Influence of the Moon” and I have to admit that it was an exceptional work of art, covering all my questions concerning our mysterious satelite, scientifically, and hopefully I will enjoy reading more of your work in the future. I have to ask though, why didnt you ask yourself about your own opinion about the moon, rather you decided to go safe and let things flow with the different theories there are about its existence etc. I would love to read your thoughts about the matter in your future work.

    • Thank you for your comment, Mihalis. Your question is a reasonable one. When I began writing what became The Secret Influence of the Moon I didn’t have a firm opinion regarding the Moon’s origin. In fact, I wasn’t until I’d almost finished the book that I began to think seriously of the Moon as being both the Earth’s twin planet and an artificially modified world (what I refer to in my book as the Hybrid Double Planet theory). Of course, I hope to explore this theory in more depth in a future book.

      • Mihalis Kukulas says:

        Thank you for your fast responce. This sounds fair enough, I cannot wait to read your future work. In case you find your way someday in Finland, let me know, I will buy you dinner and listen to your theories.

      • That’s very kind of you. I’ll definitely take you up on your offer if I ever find myself in Finland.

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