Spontaneous Human Combustion and Other Natural Wonders (12 May 2018)

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6 Responses to Spontaneous Human Combustion and Other Natural Wonders (12 May 2018)

  1. Daniel Moore says:

    Have you read Ivan Sanderson’s “Investigating the Unexplained”? He has a good chapter on SHC. No definitive answers, but an excellent summary. Overall a fascinating book.

  2. Larry Arnold says:

    Just discovered ur podcast/website. Looks impressive. About SHC, of which we know a few things. Ur praise for VIncent Gaddis is warranted; as u say, sadly his name and superb research is now forgotten/overlooked by far to many forteans. SHC as “subconscious suicide” is a theory we discuss in our book ABLAZE! (1995) but it’s highly doubtful this ’cause’ can apply to all the cases that are documented. Mary Hardy Reeser self-consumed overnight July1-2, 1951; she was last spoken to at 9PM and her ashes – plus foot, vertebrae, and arguably a shrunken skull – were discovered 11 hrs later. Yes, the “wick effect” explain-away has many problems; primarily, that we know of no instance – experiments by this writer and others – in which it has remotely incinerated the burn sample. Proponents of the wick-theory actually lie to claim ‘success’ … not scientific at all (grin). Best wishes for ur literary project.

  3. Larry Arnold says:

    Forgive the few typos in our previous post (we do know the difference btwn ‘to’ and ‘too’). It’s been a looooooooong night. Ivan Sanderson, too, has a good chapter about SHC in his “Investigating the Unexplained.”

    • Hi Larry. Wonderful to hear from you as always, and thank you for your insightful comments. My book Borderland Phenomena, which includes a lengthy section on SHC, as well as the interview I did with you, is now available, and I’ve been meaning to send you a copy. Please email me your postal address and I’ll make sure you receive one in the post.

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