Meeting Graham Hancock at Magicians of the Gods

A number of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Graham Hancock’s talk at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, which was held as part of his “Magicians of the Gods” tour. The all-day event was as exciting and informative as I predicted it would be. Being the perfect gentleman that he is, Graham refused to retire for the day until spending a moment with everyone who wished to meet him. By the time it was my turn, poor Graham looked about ready to collapse from exhaustion. (I felt a little guilty for taking up more of his time, yet I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet him.)

Here’s a picture of Graham and myself. I’m the bloke on the left with the super-short hair and wonky glasses; Graham’s the bloke on the right…


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(Less Than Flattering) Review on Facing North

I was pleased to notice a review of The Secret Influence of the Moon on the website Facing North, even though it’s hardly the most positive review ever written of one of my books. Those who wish to read the review can find it here.

I wrote the following in response to a couple of issues I had with the review:

“You state in your review: ‘Proud does include a bibliography despite the glaring lack of scientific citations and also an index.’ Because of the confusing way this sentence is worded, it looks as though you’re saying that the book lacks an index, when in fact it does have an index.

“Also, I wish to emphasize that while not all of the scientific facts presented in the book are referenced, I took great pains to ensure that every single quote in the book is accompanied by a reference. Is the lack of citations for scientific facts really that big an issue? It’s supposed to be an enjoyable read on the mysteries of the Moon—not a textbook!”

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Interview with Mel Fabregas

Hi folks,

As some of you may already know, lately I’ve been busy working on a new book, titled Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions, which is scheduled for release in November. (The book was originally titled Electromagnetic Dimensions, but my publisher, New Page Books, decided to add the word “strange” to the title so as to emphasize the paranormal angle of the book. Fair enough, I suppose.)

Anyway, here’s the first hour of a roughly two hour interview I did with Mel Fabregas on Veritas Radio, concerning The Secret Influence of the Moon. Enjoy.

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Interview with Whitley Strieber — now on YouTube

My interview with Whitley Strieber is no longer available on the website Unknowncountry. Fortunately, however, it’s been uploaded to YouTube. Here it is if you failed to catch it earlier.

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Interview with Whitley Strieber


Months ago I did an interview with Whitley Strieber about my book The Secret Influence of the Moon. After a lengthy delay, the interview has finally been posted. The first part of the interview can be listened to for free here.

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The Secret Influence of the Moon Interview


Here’s part of an interview I did with Jeffery Pritchett concerning my book The Secret Influence of the Moon:

JP: What inspired you to write your new book, The Secret Influence of the Moon: Alien Origins and Occult Powers?

LP: I’d been closely researching the Moon for a number of years, from both scientific and esoteric perspectives, and I wrote the book as an attempt to collate and compile this research. I’ve long been fascinated by the Moon and its mysteries. My interest in the Moon deepened significantly when, many years ago, I first became acquainted with the Spaceship Moon theory. The idea that the Moon is a part-natural, part-artificial world, as stated by this theory, piqued my imagination and made me question all of my preconceptions about the Moon. One of my objectives in writing the book was to see if the Spaceship Moon theory has validity in light of contemporary lunar discoveries. (The theory originated in 1970 and hasn’t been updated since that time.)

The rest of the interview can be found here.

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Phillip ‘Pip’ Proud (1947–2010)

Yesterday (Friday the 13th!) I received in the mail a box from my publisher containing ten shiny copies of my new book, The Secret Influence of the Moon. Years of work went into the book, so it was satisfying to finally hold a copy of it in my hands. I had meant to dedicate the book to my father, Phillip Proud, a man who inspired me a lot and taught me to pursue my passions in life, but, due to space and time constraints, no such dedication was included. My father, a musician, recorded many songs during the late-60s, and again during the 90s. His music never appealed to a large audience, but rather attracted something of a cult following. So, anyway, the book is dedicated to my father — not in print, but in spirit. Below are a couple of my father’s early tracks.

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